Dr. Brenowitz finds associations between hearing impairment and neuropathologic burden

August 21, 2020
Hearing impairment was linked to neuropathological hallmarks of dementia, an autopsy study suggested. In older adults who were cognitively normal, impaired hearing was associated with tau neurofibrillary degeneration, reported Willa Brenowitz, PhD, MPH, of the University of California San...

Fox News picks up CPBH paper on multisensory impairment

August 03, 2020
“Stop and smell the roses” may actually be important when it comes to detecting your risk for dementia and getting early treatment for the condition, according to a new study.

Dr. Yaffe joins UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and over 80 other partners & experts calling for national dementia prevention goals.

July 20, 2020
WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 17, 2020) – More than 80 health, aging and advocacy groups and leaders today called for the United States to set a national prevention goal to ultimately reduce the number of people who develop Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

Association of Circadian Abnormalities in Older Adults With an Increased Risk of Developing Parkinson Disease

By Yue Leng, MD, PhD on July 08, 2020
Key Points Question  Are circadian abnormalities in older adults associated with an increased risk of developing Parkinson disease over time?

Drs. Yaffe and Keret report an association between seizures of unknown etiology and increased risk of dementia.

March 11, 2020
Key Points Question  What is the association of late-onset unprovoked seizures of unknown etiology with the risk of dementia? Findings  In this cohort study that included 292 262 US veterans 55 years and older, those with incident unprovoked seizures of unknown etiology were twice as likely to be...

Dr. Barnes develops a new tool that use information in the electronic health record (EHR) to help identify older patients with undiagnosed dementia.

March 02, 2020
Abstract OBJECTIVES: Early recognition of dementia would allow patients and their families to receive care earlier in the disease process, potentially improving care management and patient outcomes, yet nearly half of patients with dementia are undiagnosed. Our aim was to develop and validate an...

Erica Kornblith published a paper on Physical and Functional Impairment Among Older Adults With a History of Traumatic Brain Injury

February 13, 2020
Abstract Objectives:  To examine the association of lifetime history of traumatic brain injury (TBI) with later-life physical impairment (PI) and functional impairment (FI) and to evaluate the impact of neurobehavioral symptoms that frequently co-occur with TBI on these relations.