Postdoctoral Researchers

Christina S. Dintica, PhD

Christina received her PhD in medical science with focus on epidemiology of cognitive aging from Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Her postdoctoral work will focus on vascular risk factors and subclinical CVD markers in relation to cognitive outcomes and neuroimaging patterns of brain aging.

Jennifer A. Eastman, PhD

Jennifer earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine where she specialized in clinical neuropsychology. Her research is focused on neuropsychological assessment and neuroimaging of various clinical syndromes to better understand  cognitive decline. This includes a special interest in understanding the impact of cancer-related cognitive impairment in older adults. 




Amber Bahorik, PhD, Research Associate



Alice Roberts, MA, Research Manager

Feng Xia, MPH, Programmer




Kathy Fung, Statistician

Carrie Peltz, PhD, Research Associate

Tina Hoang, MPH, Research Associate

Gary Tarasovsky, Data Manager

Maggie Bruck, BS, Research Associate

Sara Schweizer, BS, Research Associate