Risk and Resilience Factors


Suicidal Behavior and Suicide in Older Adults  Suicide is a serious public health issue in older adults, where suicide rates are roughly 30% higher than that of the rest of the population. Furthermore, as an indicator of extreme mental and emotional distress, suicidal behavior (i.e., suicidal ideation, plans, and attempts) is highly prevalent among older adults, and is a key risk factor for suicide. In her research, Dr. Byers is utilizing large population-based data sources that are nationally representative of the demographic distributions of adults in the United States to examine the epidemiology of suicide, suicidal behavior, and mental health of adults across the life course, with a strong emphasis on the latter stages of the life course. Dr. Byers' current projects investigate: 1) the Epidemiology of Suicidal Behavior in Racially-Ethnically Diverse Older Americans that is funded by the National Institue of Mental Health (MD007019) and 2) Suicide and Suicidal Behavior in Older Veterans that is funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs (CX001119).