Willa Brenowitz, PhD, MPH

Core Faculty

I am an epidemiologist and am broadly interested in understanding factors that contribute to brain aging. I am especially interested in the role of multimorbidity in cognitive decline, as well as the intersection of genetic, psychosocial, and health factors across the lifecourse. I am also interested in using novel statistical and epidemiologic approaches to study AD and other chronic diseases in aging.

Much of my current research focuses on the relationship between sensory impairments (e.g. hearing and vision loss) and dementia in older adults. Sensory health is underappreciated but an emerging area of research importance, sensory impairments are potential risk factors for dementia, and sensory and cognitive function are closely linked biologically. There is a need for understanding the impact of sensory impairments and the link with dementia in diverse aging populations.

I use both traditional epidemiologic approaches as well as alternative approaches to enhance causal inference. I am especially interested in quasi experimental designs and instrumental variable analysis including Mendelian randomization. Such alternative study design offer opportunities to better understand early AD etiology and tease apart mechanisms that may contribute or be a marker of AD and brain aging.

I welcome student involvement and am interested in training the next generation of researchers, please feel free to contact me to discuss further.


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