New postdoctoral fellowship in social determinants of brain health

Recruiting now! The Postdoctoral Fellow in the Social Determinants of Dementia and Brain Health will apply innovative epidemiological methods to support ongoing research studies on the social determinants of dementia and brain health. The candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with CPBH investigators and participate in didactic sessions.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Kristine Yaffe, the scholar will be responsible for driving original research projects while receiving epidemiological research training to become an independent investigator. Potential analytic projects will be focused on social determinants of cognitive aging and dementia including socioeconomic status, social support and social network, discrimination, and neighborhood deprivation. Ideal applicants would have particular interest in expanding expertise in social epidemiology, longitudinal data analysis, and life course models with the opportunity to explore additional data science and machine learning approaches.