Dr. Byers received a new NIH grant: Precursors of Suicide in Older Adults Transitioning from Prison to Community

Narrative: Prison release is associated with exceptionally high rates of suicide and death by unintentional injury (including drug overdose).  This project will demonstrate an innovative method of linking administrative health care data and suicide surveillance data (that includes suicide attempts) to identify and track persons age 50 and older who have been released from prison.  Findings from this project will inform stakeholders involved in prison-to-community transitional care planning and suicide prevention regarding determination of those at highest risk. 

Principal Investigators: Amy L. Byers, PhD, MPH (UCSF/SFVAHCS) and Lisa C. Barry, PhD, MPH (UCONN)
Sponsor: National Institute of Mental Health
Period: 9/1/2018 to 8/31/2022